Pasta & Wine Immersion Tour

Pasta & Wine Immersion Tour (Spring 2020)

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8 Days/7 Nights: March/April/May, 2020

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All about the Pasta & Wine Immersion Tour (Spring 2020).

Flyer Spring Pasta & Wine 2020

Abruzzo’s mouthwatering, simple, and honest regional cuisine has roots in ancient empires, agricoltural traditions, and ingenious seafaring strategies.

We’ll visit the “City of Pasta” – Fara San Martino – known for its gorgeous waterfalls, the mountains and for being home to prominent pasta factories. Our one-of-a-kind Italian Sensory Experience will includestaying in the De Luca Winery and Agriturismo, where guided tastings and pairings of the region’s world-class wines will be led by owner/winemaker Dr. Luciano De Luca.

The Heart of Italy tour also features hands-on cooking classes and workshops highlighting local specialties such as pasta alla chitarra and polpette cacio e uova as well as guided tastings of the region’s most famous olive oils, liqueurs, torrone, candy, honey, and pastries.

​Travelers on this tour will witness how the reverie that the local land, sea, and UNESCO heritage sites evoke influenced the work of Gabriele D’Annunzio, one of Italy’s most prominent writers and poets.

Culture buffs will enjoy viewing the traditional mosaics, the visit to Abruzzo’s iconic medieval castle in Roccascalegna, as well as a stroll along the idyllic San Giovanni in Venere Abbey.

Our journey concludes with a day and evening in Rome where Chef Amy will lead a tour of the city’s notable food culture.

Join us in this unparalleled opportunity to enjoy, learn, and appreciate Italian cuisine and culture from the heart of Italy!


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Tariff: $2,495 per person (double or single occupancy*) inclusive of:

  • Culinary Leadership Services of Chef Amy Riolo
  • Tour and Cultural Leadership Services of Antonio Iuliano, Italian Sensory Experience
  • Transfers from/to Rome International Airport
  • Lodging, including taxes, Abruzzo
  • Daily Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • Private ground transportation on itinerary throughout, including driver tip
  • Guided tour of Lanciano and De Luca Winery
  • 5 private hands on cooking classes with Chef Amy and resulting meals
  • 2 private cooking demonstrations with local chefs and resulting meals
  • A Sensory Notes Workshop
  • An olive oil workshop/tasting
  • A guided red wine tasting and pairing
  • A guided white wine tasting and pairing
  • A guided honey tasting, liqueur tasting, torrone tasting
  • A guided tour of the Pastificio Artigiano Cocco pasta factory
  • A guided cheese-making tour/tasting
  • Other Included Meals: Street Food Tasting in Lanciano, dinners at the De Luca Winery, Aperitivi at the De Luca Winery. Meals include a feast of local specialties at the L’alveare agriturismo, and in Casoli
  • Above mentioned tours and tastings at various workshops and establishments


*Note that guests desiring a single room will not be lodging at the De Luca winery but at a nearby 4-star Hotel Castello di Septe, as the agriturismo only offers double occupancy. There is no price difference.

The additional supplement trip to Rome ($500) includes:

  • Culinary Leadership Services of Chef Amy Riolo
  • Tour and Cultural Leadership Services of Antonio Iuliano, Italian Sensory Experience
  • Additional expert talks (schedule permitting)
  • An exclusive guided “culinary walk” through Rome’s Centro Storico
  • Ground transportation
  • Entry to the Villa Borghese Museum
  • One night accommodations in a 4-star hotel
  • Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast.
  1. Day 1 - March 3, 2019 Rome – Transfer to Abruzzo – Artisan Multi-Grain Pizza Workshop

    Named “Italy’s new hot destination” by CNN, Abruzzo is also “The Greenest Region in Europe.” An oasis of culture and nature, this up and coming tourism destination will leave you captivated by the tastes, sights, textures, sounds, and aromas of central Italy. We will arrive in Rome and transfer via private car to the enchanting family owned and operated De Luca Winery and agriturismo. Located in Mozzagrogna, Abruzzo, in the Castel dei Sette region, the vineyards are situated perfectly in between the mountains and the sea, with comfortable, modern, well-appointed guest rooms. Here we’ll enjoy classic Abruzzese-style hospitality as well as gourmet food and world-class wines produced onsite. We will check in and enjoy a typical Italian aperitivo. Then we’ll head to Il Gusto Pizzeria – a local landmark where Pizzaiolo Costantino makes his special crust out of a mixture of 8 local and ancient grains which he leavens with a natural starter for 48-hours. We’ll enjoy a pizza workshop and dinner at the pizzeria.

  2. Day 2 - March 4, 2019 Atessa: History of Italian Food/Classic Sauces Class/Sensory Notes Workshop

    We’ll begin the day with a breakfast of hand-made artisan bread, locally produced cheeses (some aged in the skins from the winery’s grapes), homemade marmalades, fresh, local yogurt, house-cured meats, homemade local cakes and pastries – just to name a few of the items available.
    After breakfast we’ll head to the charming town of Atessa – located on top of two hills –which is home to the Fondaco dei Domenicani – our historic cooking school – an impressive historic building and former convent. The area is also home to pre-Roman ancient settlements. We’ll explore the city and experience regional specialties with a liqueur and torrone tasting. Next, we’ll experience a lecture on the history of Italian food with Chef Amy and learn the basics of classic Italian sauces and how to pair them with pastas and other dishes in our first hands-on cooking class. The focus of today’s cooking class is to teach the tenants of Italian meal planning, types of pastas and pasta – pairing, and evolution of recipes in addition to the recipes being created. This class will reveal the beautiful and unique history of Italy’s regions as it relates to its cuisine today. We will explore the relationship between grandmothers and professional chefs in the Italian kitchen and the way it has shaped that nation’s modern gastronomy. Class one also explains the Italian meal planning system and explains how to integrate the dishes into busy lifestyles anywhere. Students will be given a syllabus with Italian culinary terminology and recipes used in the series.
    In the evening, we will return to the agriturismo for a Sensory Notes Workshop with Chef Amy to teach the skills needed for the upcoming wine and honey tastings and dinner.

  3. Day 3 - March 5, 2019 Atessa/ Honey Tasting/Timballi and Baked Pasta Class/White Wine Tasting

    We’ll start the day with a traditional breakfast at the De Luca agriturismo and then head to Atessa for a cooking class based on Timballos and Baked Pastas. Today we will transform the sauces we prepared the day before, local artisan pastas, and additional local ingredients into the edible centerpieces known as Timballi in Sicily, and other mouth-watering baked pasta dishes. This class gets to the core of what to cook when and why by explaining how Italians approach the kitchen. We will also outline how time-honored traditions provide tricks of the trade that can help today’s cooks be more efficient in the kitchen. We will explore which types of pastas are served for which occasions in Italy – and how to create them easily at home. After lunch, we will travel to the quaint, picturesque town of Tornareccio for a guided tour of its award-winning honey making factory Mielificio Iacovanelli and a honey tasting. In the evening, we’ll enjoy dinner and a guided White Wine Tasting and pairing at the agriturismo with owner/winemaker Luciano De Luca.

  4. Day 4 - March 6, 2019 Atessa/Homemade Pasta and Classic Dishes Class/”City of Pasta”/Red Wine Tasting

    Our day begins with a traditional breakfast at the De Luca agriturismo and then we’ll head to Atessa for a Homemade Pasta and Classic Dishes cooking class. Today you’ll learn three basic pasta doughs as well as how to use them to make different pasta shapes. We’ll use the pasta to make recipes such as fresh Cacio e Pepe – an ancient Roman dish that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity all over the world, and others. Later in the day we’ll head to Fara S. Martino – known as the “city of pasta.” Situated in a national park, overlooking scores of green mountains and pastures, we’ll also experience the “cascate del verde,” or “waterfalls of the green” which provided the water supply for pasta production. We’ll enjoy a guided tour of the Cocco artisan pasta making company and discover what goes in to making high quality industrial pasta.
    Then we’ll head back to the De Luca agriturismo in the evening for dinner and a guided Red Wine Tasting and Pairing with owner/winemaker Dr. Luciano De Luca.

  5. Day 5 - March 7, 2019 Atessa/Lasagne Cooking Class/Artisan Cheese Workshop/Lanciano

    Our day begins with a traditional breakfast at the De Luca agriturismo and then travel to Atessa for a hands-on cooking class based on classic, regional Italian Lasagne dishes. Many regions in Italy have their “own” beloved Lasagne recipes – and we’ll make the Bolognese and Calabrian versions as well as contemporary vegetarian varieties. In addition, today we will discover how to pair pastas with other courses to make a complete Italian meal.
    Later in the afternoon, we’ll visit the city of Lanciano – known for its historic churches and nativities. Lanciano is also home to a church famous for hosting the first Catholic Eucharistic Miracle. The Miracle of Lanciano is a Eucharistic miracle purported to have occurred in the eighth century in the city of Lanciano, Italy. According to tradition, a monk who had doubts about the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist found, when he said the words of consecration at Mass, that the bread and wine changed into flesh and blood. The Catholic Church officially claims the miracle as authentic.
    In typical Italian fashion, Lanciano is also home to mouth-watering street food. For dinner we’ll try the famous arrosticini, (grilled meat skewers) and bocconotti (a traditional pastry filled with chocolate, almonds and coffee).

  6. Day 6 - March 8, 2019 Atessa/Stuffed Pastas/Olive Oil Tasting/Casoli

    After breakfast at the agriturismo, we’ll head back to Atessa for a hands-on cooking class at the Fondaco dei Domeniani again. Today’s menu with Chef Amy is Stuffed Pastas – you’ll learn to make Tortellini and Capelletti in Brodo, Ravioli, and Tortelli Cremaschi, as well as their historical significance, and the role they play on Italian menus today. In the late afternoon, we’ll take a trip to the breathtaking olive orchards at Trappeto di Caprafico for a guided olive oil tasting with Chef Amy and the owner. We’ll enjoy dinner in the town of Casoli…. situated on a foothill of the Majella mountain, at the base of the Aventino River known for its ancient settlements as well as Norman and Lombard ruins.

  7. Day 7 - March 9, 2019 Roccascalegna/Truffle Hunting/Pasta alla Chitarra Workshop

    We’ll start the day with a traditional breakfast at the De Luca agriturismo and then head Roccascalegna to visit the famous Medieval castle, which has become the symbol of the Abruzzo region. Situated over 100m on top of the larger of a pair of limestone formations protruding from the valley floor, it was constructed on top of an existing Lombard fort in the 11th century CE, and expanded in the 16th century CE. Its restoration, begun after the 2nd World War was finished in 1996, included a great deal of Norman influences.
    After touring the castle, we’ll head to L’agriturismo L’alveare – a gastronomic treasure in the mountains – known for its on ground apiary and for taking local cuisine to new heights while maintaining their rustic roots. Here Chef/Proprietor Cosimo will lead us on a truffle –hunt with his team of trained dogs. Then, we’ll head back to his kitchen for a “pasta alla chitarra” workshop and enjoy a multicourse truffle-based lunch onsite.
    In the evening, we will return to the agriturismo for a farewell dinner with the owners.

  8. Day 8 - March 10, 2019 Rome

    We’ll have breakfast at the agriturismo and head back to Rome where the tour ends.

  9. Day 8-9 (with overnight in Rome) - March 10-11, 2019 Supplemental Rome Tour $500

    For those choosing to spend additional time with Chef Amy and Antonio in Rome – We’ll start the afternoon with a quick walking tour of Rome’s ancient centro storico. Chef Amy will lead us through all of her favorite spots in the city. Beginning with a stroll through the famous Campo dei Fiori food and flower markets, we’ll then go to the Villa Borghese – Rome’s famous park – to stroll with the locals, eat a quick open-air bite, and enjoy the beautiful Bernini statues in the property’s museum. Next, we’ll head down the chic Via Veneto for a trip down the Spanish Steps and down Via Condotti – one of Rome’s most exclusive streets. From there we’ll go to a traditional Roman trattoria for lunch. After lunch, we’ll take in the sites at the Trevi Fountain and one of Chef Amy’s favorite bread bakeries and food shops. Finally, we’ll make our way back to the Piazza Navona to Chef Amy’s favorite coffee roaster and shop – Caffe Tazza d’Oro. After a quick “pick-me up” there will be time for touring the nearby Pantheon and Santa Maria Sopra Minerva church. We’ll head back to our hotel for a siesta before dinner and then enjoy a trip across the Tiber to Trastevere to enjoy an evening passeggiata with the locals.


A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 per person is due by January 4, 2019
Balance of payment, $2,495 = $1,495 per person is due by February 4, 2019

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